Ultimate Indulgence

Discover the ultimate sanctuary at the Peninsula Resort

Experience the epitome of luxury and relaxation at The Peninsula Resort. Indulge in an on-request Thai massage, explore scenic hiking trails, and enjoy a refreshing swim. Play tennis, golf amidst stunning vistas, and immerse yourself in bird watching. Embark on captivating boat rides, savor sumptuous meals, and be pampered by our exceptional customer service. At The Peninsula Resort, every amenity and activity is meticulously designed to create a truly unforgettable stay, where your comfort and enjoyment are our top priority.

Embark on an exhilarating journey at The Peninsula Resort, where African culture takes center stage in a truly unique way. Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of traditions, music, and art that celebrate the rich heritage of the continent. Our resort offers immersive experiences, allowing guests to explore the depths of African culture through traditional performances, and culinary delights bursting with local flavors. Uncover the hidden gems of the region, guided by our knowledgeable staff who are passionate about sharing the captivating stories of the Land.

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Our Location

Find us opposite the Maritime Club

You can reach us by boat from the Maritime Club or take a drive to the resort located on the Asuogyaman-Atimpoku road. For more information on our exact location, kindly visit our location page.

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